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Good Enough for the Internet Archive!

Here you can find every episode of the podcast going back all the way to 2010! Yow!

Episode 1: Mimsy, the Radio Mime!

Nathaniel Jones welcomes you to his brand new podcast, with special guest Mimsy, the Radio Mime. Also in this episode, the classic story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff!

Episode 2: A Salute to Nathaniel Jones!

In this episode, which is specially recorded to accomidate the blind and hard of hearing, Nathaniel Jones pays tribute to one of the other great Nathaniel Joneses of the world! Plus, an important PSA about drunk driving!

Episode 3: Stories by Kids!

Kids say the darndest things, and sometimes write the darndest stories! In this episode, Nathaniel reads some of those stories by kids, and also salutes another Nathaniel Jones!

Episode 4: Remember That?

In this blast from the past, Nathaniel Jones cashes in on the popular trend of listing things people might remember from childhood with a new feature: "Remember That?" Plus, special guests the Hillbilly Chipmunks stop by to debate gay marriage, and Nathaniel sings a song about Spiderman!

Episode 5: The New Quartet!

Nathaniel has hired a new barbershop quartet to sing the show's theme song! What could possibly go wrong...?

Episode 6: CHEEEEESE!

The shocking truth about the barbershop quartet is revealed! Plus more stories by kids!

Episode 7: Not Good Enough for the Internet!

Nathaniel Jones slept in and didn't prepare a podcast this week, so the announcer is forced to fill in, on Episode Seven: Not Good Enough for the Internet!

Episode 8: Whoah, Baby!

In which Nathaniel Jones salutes 16 month old Senate candidate Nathaniel Jones, reads a story by a kid about Winnie the Pooh, and plays for you a song!

Episode 9: Back to School!

This educational episode will teach you about the English language!

Episode 10: Robin Hood!

Featuring a parody of "Because I Got High" sung by my character from Reefer Madness, stories by kids, and a play about Robin Hood!

Episode 11: The Hitchhiker!

The first of the 2010 Halloween Specials, featuring a story about a young hitchhiker that gets caught in a terrible rainstorm, and a bunch of scary stories by kids!

Episode 12: The Return of the Quartet!

The Halloween special continues with more scary stories, and the return of the Evil Robo Quartet!

Episode 13: The Singing Ghost!

Featuring another pile of Scary Stories by Kids!

Episode 14: Death by Vegetables!

Another week of scary stories by kids, plus scary tweets, and google voice's poorly transcribed scary voice mail!

Episode 15: The Death of Brad Walker!

The final special Halloween episode, featuring a salute to Brad Walker, the winner of the Scary Story contest, and more scary stories by kids!

Ep. 16 - Holy Guacamole!

Nathaniel salutes Nathaniel Jones for being the 5A District Champion in running, and reads two stories by kids, one about a spell that makes British people forget about their dogs, and the other about a disgruntled man who loses his cable subscription!

Ep. 17: Poetry Corner!

Featuring two stories by kids (including one by Nathaniel Jones when he was 4 about a family of M's), a new poetry feature, and a rap song about monkeys which he wrote in 7th grade!

Episode 18: Classic Nathaniel Jones!

This episode features classic clips of Nathaniel Jones from the olden days!

Episode 19: Thanksgiving / Birthday!

In which Nathaniel Jones reads some Thanksgiving Recipes by Kids, comments from his website, and plays a special birthday song since his is on Monday!

Episode 20: Afunny Stupied Talior!

In this episode, Nathaniel Jones salutes Nathaniel Jones for protecting our national secrets from evil villains, and reads two stories by kids - one about a gay mailman, and the other about a stupied talior who thinks he is a priances!

Episode 21: Traffic!

Nathaniel Jones didn't have time to record an actual episode this week, so instead just says what he sees from his car while stuck in traffic!

Episode 22: The Most Searched-for Podcast on the Internet!

Featuring a new segment in which I take the most popular search-terms this week into a story guaranteed to jump to the top of the search results!

Episode 23: Christmas Shopping!

In this episode, Nathaniel goes to Benny's Department store to buy a gift for the announcer, as a tribute to Jack Benny's annual Christmas shopping episodes!

Episode 24: New Years Eve 2010!

Nathaniel and the announcer ring in the new year by listening to the best clips from the podcast during 2010. Sadly, there aren't any.

Episode 25: 101 Offensive Jokes!

In which Nathaniel Jones reads excerpts from his new book, "101 Greatest Offensive Jokes." Not appropriate for kids, the easily offended, or for anyone else really!

Episodes 26, 27, and 28: The Thriple Episode!

Three episodes in one! Featuring Stories by Kids, Ask Nathaniel Jones, Bad FanFiction, and a musical edition of Nathaniel Jones Salutes Nathaniel Jones, featuring American Idol contestant Nathaniel Jones!

Episode 29: Classic Nathaniel Jones, Vol. 2!

Another collection of never-before-heard clips from the old days!

Episode 30: Skymall!

Nathaniel Jones is back from vacation, so he reads some ads from the Skymall catalog, plus some Stories by Kids!

Episode 31: Poems by Nathaniel Joneses!

Featuring scary stories by kids, and an assortment of poems by an assortment of Nathaniel Joneses on poetry.com!

Episode 32: Hotty McPants!

International singing sensation Hotty McPants stops by to sing some songs for us!

Episode 33: OMFGGG what does this mean?

Featuring listener comments, Ask Nathaniel Jones, and Stories by Kids!

Episode 34: Rise of the Delleks!

The Kung Fu Space Pirates of the Oberon Galaxy battle the infamous Delleks, and Nathaniel spreads some Words of Wisdom from Chatroulette! Also, Stories by Kids!

Episode 35: Great Nathaniel Joneses in History!

In this episode we've got stories by kids, historical Nathaniel Joneses, and a special easter egg hunt!

Episode 36: Shower Songs!

Nathaniel tells the tale of a historical Nathaniel Jones from the early 20th century, reads stories by kids, and gives an important public service announcement. All brought to you by Shower Songs, the greatest music box set ever!

Episode 37: First Anniversary Show!

With special guests Barack Obama and Elmo!

Episode 38: The World's Greatest Detective!

Featuring Cash Tequila, the World's Greatest Detective, Stories by Kids, and another Great Nathaniel Jones from history!

Episode 39: Fitness Special!

Featuring helpful fitness tips, stories by kids, and the return of the Hillbilly Chipmunks!

Episode 40: Fanfiction!

Featuring another episode of The World's Greatest Detective, Scary Stories by Kids, and Harry Potter fanfiction!

Episode 41: Jokes by Kids!

Recorded live on the road, this episode features special guests from the cast of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

Episode 42: Your Butt is Poop!

After being stuck in the studio alone for six months, the announcer lets off some steam when Nathaniel finally shows up to record the show!

Episode 43: Portrait of a Love Song!

Nathaniel Jones salutes some Nathaniel Joneses, including the one that recording the classic 80s hit, "Portrait of a Love Song!" Also, songs and beat poetry by kids!

Episode 44: The 2013 Halloween special!

When it comes to this podcast, sometimes dead is better...

Episode 45: Grand Re-Opening!

The Podcast is under new management! A mysterious woman named Ffohlessah Divad bought the podcast with promises of making big improvements, starting with a new recording studio. But, might she have nefarious purposes in mind...?

Bonus Episode: The Legend of Good Enough for the Internet!

This bonus episode tells the tale of what happend to the podcast after Ffohlessah Divad bought it in episode 45!

Episode 46: 101 Scariest Stories!

In this episode, the podcast returns from beyond the grave for a Halloween episode featuring stories from Nathaniel Jones' book 101 Scariest Stories!

Episode 47: Anastasia!

In this episode, Nathaniel tells a new ghost story called "Anastasia," and Kate Monster teaches you something about Virtual Reality!

Episode 48: 2016 Halloween Special!

In this special episode we hear an excerpt from the medical journal of Dr. Jekyll, Scary Stories by Kids, and a Halloween poem!

Episode 49: Trump!

In this topical episode, Nathaniel celebrates the 7th anniversary of the podcast, and the Hillbilly Chipmunks get caught up on all the latest Donald Trump news, musical style, featuring special guest Jana Gueck as Ivanka Trump!

Episode 50: New Theme Song!

In this musical episode, the Hillbilly Chipmunks perform a new theme song for the podcast, Nathaniel reviews the biggest news story of the week with a song about Scaramucci, and as a way to make people who'd rather not talk about politics happy, there's a musical crossover of Game of Thrones with Newsies!

Episode 51: Zombie Apocalypse!

In this Halloween special, there are three original zombie stories by Nathaniel Jones, and another batch of scary stories by kids!

Episode 52: 101 More Even Scariester Stories!

In this 2022 Halloween special, five years after the previous one, Nathaniel reads stories from his new book, 101 More Even Scariester Stories! For a youtube version with AI-generated illustrations, click here!

Episode 53: The New Announcer!

In this episode, Nathaniel has replaced with announcer with a new fellow named Artie, who is defintely a human, and not a robot intent on taking over the world. ...or is he? Featuring an experiment with AI-generated voices

Episode 54: Robot Reboot!

In this series reboot, the robots fully take over the show, and replace Nathaniel Jones with an 'upgraded' version. Is this the end of the show, and of humanity as a whole? Or the start of a new era? Featuring experiments with AI-generated music

Episode 55: Robot Reboot: Part Two!

In this epic conclusion to the AI take-over saga, Nathaniel Jones must choose what to do - let the robots keep control, or fight back, and possibly even end the show once and for all? Who will win in this battle between humans and robots? Listen and find out!

Episode 56: Into The Mind's (A) Eye!

In this AI musical adventure (just to use up the AI credits we had left over before they expired), Nathaniel takes a journey into his own mind to reconnect with his past selves and try to find a song worth singing! Will he find a great new idea, or get lost up his own ass? Tune in and find out!