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Good Enough for the Internet - The Nathaniel Jones Podcast!

Like an old-time radio show for the modern day, Good Enough for the Internet delivers a variety of stories, sketches, songs, poems, political satire, and more!
You never know each episode will bring, but whatever it is, while it may not be good, it will be Good Enough for the Internet!

Recent Episodes!

Episode 49: Trump!

In this topical episode, Nathaniel celebrates the 7th anniversary of the podcast, and the Hillbilly Chipmunks get caught up on all the latest Donald Trump news, musical style, featuring special guest Jana Gueck as Ivanka Trump!

Episode 48: 2016 Halloween Special!

In this special episode we hear an excerpt from the medical journal of Dr. Jekyll, Scary Stories by Kids, and a Halloween poem!

Episode 47: Anastasia!

In this episode, Nathaniel tells a new ghost story called "Anastasia," and Kate Monster teaches you something about Virtual Reality!

Episode 46: 101 Scariest Stories!

In this episode, the podcast returns from beyond the grave for a Halloween episode featuring stories from Nathaniel Jones' book 101 Scariest Stories!

Bonus Episode: The Legend of Good Enough for the Internet!

This bonus episode tells the tale of what happend to the podcast after Ffohlessah Divad bought it in episode 45!

Episode 45: Grand Re-Opening!

The Podcast is under new management! A mysterious woman named Ffohlessah Divad bought the podcast with promises of making big improvements, starting with a new recording studio. But, might she have nefarious purposes in mind...?

Older Episodes in the Archive!

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