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Good Enough for the Internet - The Nathaniel Jones Podcast!

Like an old-time radio show for the modern day, Good Enough for the Internet delivers a variety of stories, sketches, songs, poems, political satire, and more!
You never know each episode will bring, but whatever it is, while it may not be good, it will be Good Enough for the Internet!

Recent Episodes!

Episode 56: Into The Mind's (A) Eye!

In this AI musical adventure (just to use up the AI credits we had left over before they expired), Nathaniel takes a journey into his own mind to reconnect with his past selves and try to find a song worth singing! Will he find a great new idea, or get lost up his own ass? Tune in and find out!

Episode 55: Robot Reboot: Part Two!

In this epic conclusion to the AI take-over saga, Nathaniel Jones must choose what to do - let the robots keep control, or fight back, and possibly even end the show once and for all? Who will win in this battle between humans and robots? Listen and find out!

Episode 54: Robot Reboot!

In this series reboot, the robots fully take over the show, and replace Nathaniel Jones with an 'upgraded' version. Is this the end of the show, and of humanity as a whole? Or the start of a new era? Featuring experiments with AI-generated music

Episode 53: The New Announcer!

In this episode, Nathaniel has replaced with announcer with a new fellow named Artie, who is defintely a human, and not a robot intent on taking over the world. ...or is he? Featuring an experiment with AI-generated voices

Episode 52: 101 More Even Scariester Stories!

In this 2022 Halloween special, five years after the previous one, Nathaniel reads stories from his new book, 101 More Even Scariester Stories! For a youtube version with AI-generated illustrations, click here!

Episode 51: Zombie Apocalypse!

In this Halloween special, there are three original zombie stories by Nathaniel Jones, and another batch of scary stories by kids!

Episode 50: New Theme Song!

In this musical episode, the Hillbilly Chipmunks perform a new theme song for the podcast, Nathaniel reviews the biggest news story of the week with a song about Scaramucci, and as a way to make people who'd rather not talk about politics happy, there's a musical crossover of Game of Thrones with Newsies!

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